Valerie Hartman’s “Shift Into Fifth” Coaching Process

"Change starts with intention. Couple that with a positive attitude, focus and discipline, and what was once an obstacle is now an opportunity for unparalleled growth and success." Valerie Hartman

As an iPEC Core Energy Certified Professional Coach, motivational speaker, strategic thinker, networker and founder and president of Shift Into Fifth, Valerie coaches and inspires high-potential professionals who want to take their careers and lives to the next level-from functional to optimal. With a focus on accelerating tangible results, Valerie challenges, mentors and inspires her clients so they can create positive and purposeful change and experience sustainable and fulfilling success.

Though the content of each individual client’s coaching experience is 100% unique, every professional moves through the same proven formula designed to propel their careers and lives forward effectively and expeditiously. This formula consists of:

  • Connecting with your values, talents, and passions.
  • Increasing awareness of your strengths and challenges.
  • Determining and prioritizing both long and short-term goals.
  • Identifying obstacles and self-defeating thoughts and narratives that are blocking success.
  • Creating new thoughts and narratives that shift energy and support achievement of goals and success.
  • Establishing accelerated action plans supporting new empowering narratives to accomplish your goals and achieve sustainable success

"We will begin with a conversation, usually more than one. I need to know that coaching is right for you, and that I am the best person to serve you.  Please know that I meet you where you are, and I bring a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to our work.  As well as a healthy dose of laughter.  And I don’t dwell on the past like therapy does-the focus is on constructive action, positive change and forward movement." Valerie Hartman

Coaching Services

ELI Assessment and Debrief.  The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities.  It provides an "energetic snap-shot" of how you are "showing up" in the world today. The E.L.I. forms the initial launching point for the Core Energy Coaching™ process and Leadership System, helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation.  The realizations that you'll gain from the Energy Leadership assessment and debrief process will change the way you view your world.

Private Coaching Session.  After filling out an extensive in-take questionnaire and profile, we will spend 50-minute private coaching sessions moving you toward taking intentional and purposeful action, and ultimately achieving sustainable and fulfilling success. With supportive and consistent guidance, you will define your goals, talents, and values, and shift your current obstacles into opportunities for growth. And with this heightened awareness and new set of tools, you will create the updated narrative that reflects the best and most positive and productive you. You'll conclude with creating and implementing short-term and long-term action plans that support your stepping into your optimal you.

Speaking Engagements

As a motivational speaker, Valerie inspires individuals and groups to be their best selves. Her engaging stories of her own experiences of purposeful and positive change and growth as well as those of her clients inspire audiences. With a winning combination of authenticity, intelligence and humor, Valerie delivers a formula for positive and purposeful transformation and sustainable success.